andrea (helloandie) wrote in stolenlayouts,


i keep seeing this everywhere: oo_angel_qt_oo, venoz, but i never see a credit. i guess if you know who's it is..?

nevermind. i'm stupid.
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It's a system S2 style called Cuteness Attack. (I think it's one of the new styles veroz created when LJ hired her as a graphic design intern.)
ah. well then i'm an absolute retard. :)
Nah, I wondered the same thing when I first started seeing it around. I don't think it was really publicized that much when it was introduced.
yeah, i haven't looked at any s2 styles in a long time. perhaps i should look again before making an ass of myself. :)
I think veroz is a guy :/
You're entirely correct. I got confused between veroz, who made the layout and is male, and venoz, who's just using it and is female.